What’s a GIF?

They are What make the internet great short,looping video clips of people being fun/stupid/silly/awesome.

What’s the difference between a GIF Booth and Photo Booth?

Our regular photo booth takes 3 photos and then prints them out on a photo strip.
Our GIF Booth takes a quick burst of photos and turns them in to a 2-3 second looping clip.
The clip can then be shared to your phone, email and/or social media.

OK, but does your GIF Booth print photos?

Well yes and no.As standard, no it doesn’t, but optionally, we can set it up so guests can choose between doing a GIF session and a regular photo booth session.

OK, sounds interesting. Will people use it?

Heck yes they will! GIFs are ridiculously fun to make. Our operator will explain to your guests how it all works. Once they have ago… it’ll be on like Donkey Kong.

How are GIFs shared?

Once a guest make their GIF, they will immediately have the option to share it to there phone via SMS or Email. From there, they get a link to a micro-site where they can view the GIF and share it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram(or download it).

2 hrs – $400
3 hrs – $500
4 hrs – $600
5 hrs – $700

Full day hire (8 hrs) – $1000

Every additional day after $600(8 hrs)

Idle time – $50 per hr

If venue can’t provide wifi, dongal wifi – $75 using our mobile wifi $100
Social analytics + Data capture – $250
Photo Booth Prints – From $150

*All prices are GST inclusive